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  • On October 16th the girls varsity volleyball team hosted their annual "dig pink" game.  It was also the teacher appreciation match. This match was dedicated to all of the teachers that work so hard every day to help our student athletes succeed. It was also dedicated to breast cancer awareness which is why the girls wore pink. The girls varsity volleyball program stresses the importance of breast cancer awareness in hopes that one day there will be a cure. 

    "dig pink"


    Athletics can be a valuable component of a student's educational experience. Through the promotion of self-discipline, dedication, sportsmanship, teamwork, accountability, and commitment to achievement, athletics fosters many of the qualities and educational values we endorse as a district. Athletic competition is a forum through which students may push themselves and their limitations, allowing them to develop self-confidence and enhance their self-esteem. 

    Eduardo Ramirez - Director Of Athletics