Baldwin Teacher Center

  • The Baldwin Teacher Center (BTC) is a single-district member of New York State Teacher Centers in New York State.  Their mission is simple: provide high-quality, professional learning opportunities for educators to enrich their teaching practice and improve student learning and achievement.  They are located at Plaza Elementary School at 501 Seaman Avenue. 

    Meeting Dates for 2022-2023:

    Tuesdays, 10/11, 11/8, 1/10, 3/7, 4/11, 5/9, and 6/13

    To accomplish their goals, they:

    • Are governed by a Policy Board and Director: Christopher Greer (Chairperson), Betyne Farrell, BobbyJo Di Fabio, Emily Bascelli, Francesco Ianucci, Jennifer Debler, Kimberly Bell, LaurieTricamo, Leslie Gibson, Marial DePalma, Patricia Mason, Robin Murrray Sandra Pionegro, Tayla Plotke, and Teresa Leite
    • Recognize that professional growth is integral to teachers' work and students' achievement by providing professional learning into the daily practice of teaching for all content areas
    • Serve as a New York State Education Department approved provider of Next Generation Learning Standards, Google in education, and technology training
    • Are the only professional organization sanctioned to provide the Special Education Certification Extension programs-NYS Regents newly-approved pathway to certification'
    • Partner with Molloy College, Stony Brook University, Empire State College, Adelphi University, Mercy College, and NYSUT to offer graduate certificates
    • Support Social Emotional Learning, Mindfulness in the Classroom, and Culturally Responsive Education (CRE) by providing courses for teachers and TAs to meet the needs of diverse learners.  Their district partners are BUFSD and Baldwin Teachers' Association.