Welcome the Baldwin School District Facilities Department


    The Facilities Department supports our staff, faculty, students, and community by ensuring that our buildings and grounds remain safe, healthy, comfortable, and presentable year round. Studies have linked well-maintained, healthy, and safe learning environments to greater student achievement and higher test scores.


    In an effort to always make our buildings energy efficient and safe, the Facilities Department has undertaken a number of projects, including the use of LED lights to lower energy costs, using environmentally safe cleaning products that are derived from plants, and launching programs to obtain the Energy Star Label for our buildings.  In 2010, Baldwin School District was a recipient of the Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools Award from the Environmental Protection Agency. See our recent award for green cleaning at Baldwin Schools  GREEN CLEANING AWARD 2017  


    Our goal is to help answer any questions you may have regarding the facilities in the Baldwin School District and to keep you updated on any information we have regarding our schools and the District Office.  Please feel free to call the Facilities Department at 516.434.6060 if you need further information.



  •  Russ Randazzo
     Director of Facilities

    Summit Security after hours