Pupil Services/Special Education

  • EFFECTIVE April 9, 2018 - Entry into the district office is by appointment only.  Please ensure that you have picture identification available for entry in the building.

    Pupil Services
    The Pupil Services Department offers support services for Baldwin students in kindergarten through grade 12. A team of professionals in each school works closely with faculty, staff, administrators and parents to provide a learning environment for students to reach and exceed their academic promise. In the school setting, all students have access to psychological, social work, health, guidance and counseling services. Additional support services are offered based on student need and the recommendations of staff.

    Special Education
    The Special Education Department provides quality instruction to students with disabilities so they can achieve the knowledge and skills they need to live independent and self-directed lives. This is accomplished in the least restrictive environment according to state law. Personalized instructional plans target the individual needs of special education students, providing every opportunity to reach the goals set within each student's Individual Education Plan (IEP). Appropriate pathways to learning are established, utilizing the best and most suitable resources to guide students to maximize their academic and social potential.



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    Sherrisse Young
     Director of Pupil Services