School Psychologists

Mrs. Megan Papagno, School Psychologist

  • Welcome to the Steele School School Psychology Homepage!  My name is Megan Papagno and I am the school psychologist at Steele Elementary School.  I have been working within the Baldwin School District since 2001.  My professional experience began working primarily with students diagnosed with Autism and other developmental disabilities.  During my time in Baldwin I have held various roles including Chairperson for the Committee on Preschool Special Education, Chairperson for the Committee on Special Education for school-age students, as well as, serving as a School Psychologist for Brookside Elementary, Meadow Elementary and currently Steele Elementary.  Please contact me for assistance should you have any concerns or questions regarding your child's social, emotional or academic development.  I can be reached at 516.434.6770.

    *Please note that during this community health crisis my teacher page has been updated to share useful information with parents.  Additionally, when viewing my page, by clicking on e-learning resources you will find ways for your children to interact and communicate with me.  I am looking forward to hearing from you and connecting with your child.