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Plaza Raises More Than $5000 in Funds and Goods for Multiple Charities

Every year, Plaza Elementary School focuses on a character theme and develops a school-wide endeavor. For 2018-2019, following the district-wide participation in Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation “21 Days to Be Kind" Challenge, Plaza continued to encourage kindness within its school and surrounding communities. Each grade level (K-5), as well as staff and the PTA, fundraised for a charity of their choice, raising more than $5000 in funds, pet supplies, canned goods, and books. They then celebrated with a “Kindness Walk,” where students and their parents, as well as teachers and administration, represented their cause by marching around the school premise. In addition, some representatives from the charities had the opportunity to share additional information with attendees. 

The charities comprised Ronald McDonald House, The Book Fairies, Bobbi and the Strays, Bethany House of Nassau County Corporation, Make-A-Wish Foundation, St. Christopher Parish in Baldwin, Boots on the Ground, Cycle for Survival, and the Paul Gallo Foundation.