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Baldwin School District Kicks off eLearning in High Gear

Learning and Innovation Continue in Schools from aFar  

Despite building closures, the learning and innovation continues across Baldwin Union Free School District!

Baldwin UFSD administration proactively prepared a comprehensive eLearning program to ensure the continuity of instruction for K-12 students. The program encompassed professional development for teachers prior to its release to students, which included training on a variety of educational online tools. Many teachers currently use the district website and/or Google Classroom to post homework and assignments already. The administration helped staff expand their knowledge of effective web-based instructional tools. 

So far, the feedback from students, their parents, as well as the teachers has been extremely positive and has provided much needed relief during this unprecedented time. Since the eLearning program has been in place, teachers and administration have developed a variety of creative ways to help engage their students. 

For example, Ms. Jenifer Levinson used ClassDojo to launch a Virtual Scavenger Hunt with her class. The students found objects around their home that began with the same letters that spell out their school name: “MEADOW.” The principals have been performing their daily announcements via video chats. 

Elementary school students continuing to follow their PARP (Pick-A-Reading-Partner) calendars and share photos with teachers and classmates. 

Additionally, elementary students can still enjoy their STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) experiments, which can be conducted and reported remotely. 

Meditation and other mental and physical health activities continue to take place virtually just as the other subject areas. 

In addition to academics, schools has been unveiling some fun virtual activities. For instance, Baldwin Middle School launched a virtual Spirit Week using Padlet (a digital bulletin board), where students post comments and photos each day based on the theme.  

For more of these incredible eLearning stories, continue to connect with Baldwin UFSD on social media and check the website regularly.

 Pictured below: Dedicated to reading at home and still honoring PARP month, this second grader remembered to wear a bow for “wear your favorite tie or tiara day” for PARP month as he sat and read.  

PARP student