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Students' Artwork Selected for ASA’s All-County Art Exhibit

More Than 30 Young Artists Set to Represent Baldwin Schools

More than 30 students were set to represent Baldwin Union Free School District (UFSD) in the 16th annual Art Supervisors Association (ASA) All-County Art Exhibit from their respective schools. The ASA is a professional organization of art supervisors and administrators whose goal is to promote the quality of art instruction at all educational levels and provide a forum for ideas relating to art and art education. Each year, the organization hosts this art exhibit in March in the Roosevelt Hall at Farmingdale State College. The prestigious one-day event showcases over 1,200 pieces of artwork produced by K-12 students from Nassau County school districts.

Although the Coronavirus pandemic led to the last minute cancellation of this year's exhibition, the students had completed their art projects and were honored to be part of this selective county-wide event.  

Names of Participants

First Name Last Name Grade School Teacher
Bryan Greenwood 5 Brookside Molinari
Lilian Madoo 5 Brookside Molinari
Arianna Barnwell 11 HS Kurz
Jordan Brand 11 HS Ferraro
Adam Dempsey 12 HS Drexler
Zavier Foster 10 HS Ferraro
Cianna Gibson 11 HS Kurz
Regina Gutierez 12 HS Liemer-Kelly
Nicole Maldonado 11 HS Drexler
Kaylin Martinez 9 HS Russo
Jordan Milligan 12 HS Ferraro
Mathew Muniz 12 HS Liemer-Kelly
Geordy Pintado 11 HS Russo
Elina Press 12 HS Liemer-Kelly
Ryan Ramsammy 12 HS Drexler
Rezwana Ruhi 9 HS Iovine
Victoria Salerno 10 HS Russo
Yvonne Salerno 11 HS Kurz
Francisco Suriel 9 HS Iovine
Adina Turner 9 HS Iovine
Sasha Brown 5 Lenox Molinari
Kylie Brdala 4 Meadow Delatorre
Myles Darby 5 Meadow Delatorre
Jessica Paez Sanchez 3 Meadow Delatorre
Christian Ashton Malonzo 7 MS Zirkuli
Jasmine Polonia Randolph 7 MS Zirkuli
Christina Tephly 7 MS Zirkuli
Leah Diaz 5 Plaza Vota
Natalia Neira 5 Plaza Vota
Melih Oguz 5 Plaza Vota
Dahlia Corporan 4 Steele Rubin
Isabella Fleck 5 Steele Rubin
Yessenia Mendoza 5 Steele Rubin