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Lenox Elementary School Donates Nearly 500 Books to Book Fairies

Nearly 500 Books Donated to The Book Fairies

On April 13, two students Laila in third grade and Samuel in fourth grade from the Lenox Elementary School donated nearly 500 books to The Book Fairies. An organization has been taking books that would’ve been discarded and putting them into the hands of eager children since 2012.

Laila, a third grader from Lenox, started the community outreach effort in 2020 by writing a note to principal Valerie Paul in second grade, asking her if the school could do something along the lines of give a book and take a book. Paul decided to keep the trade aspect and reached out to neighboring organization The Book Fairies in Freeport.

To make the trade a reality, collection boxes were set up in the school so parents and students could drop off their discarded reading materials. Then during processing the books, students were able to write a note inside each book that they donated with a sentiment of kindness and encouragement with the hopes of expanding on their love of reading.

Whether teachers are trying to increase student’s love of reading, boost literacy, build a school or classroom library or make sure that children have books to take home – The Book Fairies want to make sure these valuable resources are available.

Denise Wright, volunteer at The Book Fairies say the donations, “Feel so good because it gives the opportunity to help everybody else that’s in need of books, especially other schools or churches…we want to say thank you because it gives everyone else the opportunity to have books.”

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