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News 12 LI Covers 90th Anniversary of Sportsnite

"'We are strong.' Female empowerment and talent on display at Baldwin High School's 90th annual Sportsnite"

It was a Saturday night full of girl power and female empowerment as Baldwin High School held its 90th annual Sportsnite.

The event is one of the district's biggest, which also coincided with Women's History Month celebrations.

About 100 passionate girls were involved in this year's Sportsnite. It is a program where the girls show off their art skills and dance moves. But the meaning went deeper as it was a night for the girls to celebrate what they are made of.

"This may be a competition but it's also a sisterhood, no matter what happens at the end, we're always each other's friends," said senior student Ashley Patton.

Half of the girls dressed in gold while the other half was decked out in blue. They cheered on one another as Sportsnite is all about women's empowerment.

"It's just so cool that we get to have it right smack in the middle of Women's History Month," said Blue Team co-captain Mikayla Keryc.

The tradition of Sportsnite started in 1933, founded by Ethel T. Kloberg, a long-time physical education supervisor. Back then, women were not allowed to participate in school sports. Today, the girls hold leadership roles to show the rest of the world what they are capable of.

"Even our advisors are women. It just shows how great of an impact that this experience has on you and will hold for the rest of your life," said floor choreographer Dylan Reyer. "We are strong, we are powerful, and we can take on roles of leadership."

Cayla Carter was the co-captain for the Gold Team. She said she wanted to be part of one of the school's biggest traditions.

"I had a lot of influence from other seniors last year, so they told me to do it and now I am here," Carter enthused.

"It's so heartwarming to watch these kids. So even though we don't have as many this year, it's still the biggest program we have in the district. I think it's the best program we have in the district, and I am just excited to be part of it. I feel lucky," said coordinator of Intramural Night and Sportsnite, Meredith Healy-Kurz.

The night was a double celebration for the high school because the girls basketball team won their Class AA Long Island Championship earlier in the day.

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