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Baldwin Middle School Young Men of Excellence Club Welcomes Special Guest

Former Professional Basketball Player Rashaun Banjo Inspires Students

The Baldwin Middle School Young Men of Excellence Club recently had the privilege of hosting Rashaun Banjo, a renowned Youth Empowerment Specialist and former professional basketball player, for an unforgettable speaking engagement. Rashaun, with his inspiring journey to international basketball courts and entrepreneurial success, shared his unique story with students, emphasizing the importance of embracing the 'squiggle'—the unpredictable, yet rewarding path to personal greatness.

The Young Men of Excellence Leadership program is open to all the young men of Baldwin Middle School, grades 6-8, and provides the support and guidance needed to thrive, helping with developing strong leadership skills, such as communication, problem-solving, and decision-making, while building self-confidence and self-esteem. The program also encourages the students to develop positive relationships with their peers and adults and teaches them about the importance of responsibility, integrity, and respect. 

“In cultivating the men of our future, our aim is to nurture individuals who will emerge as exemplary sons, supportive brothers, devoted fathers, inspiring mentors, reliable partners, and responsible citizens in their adult lives,” explained Dr. Erica Taylor, principal of Baldwin Middle School. “The efforts invested today will shape our future, and their character and contributions will positively impact our world.”

During this eye-opening session, Rashaun engaged with Baldwin Middle School students, sparking deep conversations about the essence of excellence and the power of self-belief. His narrative of transformation from an athlete to a full-time entrepreneur dedicated to youth empowerment resonated profoundly with the club members. They were particularly inspired by his emphasis on finding inner greatness and were eager to share their own interpretations of the word "excellence" and their club's motto: “We are not perfect, but we are excellent in all we do,” which even inspired Mr. Banjo in such a profound way.

“This event was a testament to the power of shared experiences and mutual inspiration,” said Randall Duperval, club advisor and Baldwin Middle School guidance counselor. “Rashaun Banjo's visit not only left a lasting impression on our young minds but also reinforced our club's commitment to nurturing excellence in every endeavor. His story is a reminder that true success lies in embracing our individual journeys and unlocking the greatness that lies within each of us.”