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Baldwin High School Art Students Gift Orphans with Personal Portrait

Memory Project Expands to Computer Graphic Classes

For the past 16 years, select students from Baldwin High School’s drawing and painting classes have contributed to the Memory Project, a nonprofit foundation established in 2004 in which art students create handmade, heartfelt portraits as special gifts for children facing substantial challenges around the world. The youth arts organization aims to promote intercultural understanding and kindness between children around the world. The Memory Project gets its name from its first intention, which was to provide pictures as special memories to children in orphanages. The mission has expanded to touching the lives of youth around the world facing many types of challenges, while opening our hearts and minds so they can touch ours in return.

Under the guidance of art teacher, Ms. Michelle Liemer-Kelly, Baldwin students have produced artwork for over 300 orphans since the district joined the initiative. This year, in addition to the Memory Project, Baldwin High School also took on the Identity Project, allowing students who may not be as skilled in the fine arts to design portraits using words, hobbies and colors suggested by the children.

“I felt this would be an excellent opportunity for our computer graphic classes to use their digital skills to create colorful and meaningful portraits using the prompts from each of the orphans,” explained Ms. Liemer-Kelly.

As a result of both projects, a total of 30 portraits were created and mailed to the Memory Project to be delivered to the children. 

“The connections our students are able to make using their art is a huge act of kindness and service that affects both children, 1000s of miles from each other,” she said.

Memory Project Baldwin Students

  • Abigail Hector
  • August Sage
  • Chelise Connor-Prevatt
  • Christina Tephly
  • Daniel Crane
  • Isabella Portillo
  • Justine Nieckarz
  • Khasim Plowden 
  • Lauren Bregel
  • Nyla Morris
  • Stacey Bonilla Hernandez
  • Joellena Miller 
  • Jasmine Polonia-Randolph
  • Munachiso Okorie

Identity Project Students

  • Maleeki Abramson
  • Angelina Alvarado
  • Aaron Charlemagne
  • Jahniyah Civil
  • Alex Khan
  • Jaden Louis
  • Daniel Lozano
  • Ivan Ortiz Galeano
  • Sonary Pang
  • Niyani Ratclibb
  • Shina Ruffin-Roberson
  • Mayelyn Solares Fernandez
  • Jada Taylor
  • Chase Timberlake
  • Angel Urena
  • Marques Webster
  • Milan Coggins
  • Joshua Collado
  • Ethyn Delgado
  • Tyler Johnson
  • Joseph Martin
  • Caitlyn Membreno
  • Allison Pineda Blanco
  • Giovanni Taylor
  • Kelys Walker
  • Timothy Walton Jr.