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Sign Up for District Website and Mobile App

1.       Click Sign UP and provide your date of birth (federal law) and contact information and select a user name and password.

2.       Then Sign IN with your user name and password and click on “My Account” and “Edit Account Settings.”

3.       This will bring you to your information page, where you can make changes at any time.

4.       Now look at the list on the left and click “E-Alert Settings” to add your mobile number and service provider and to choose whether you want to receive text messages for all notices or only high-priority ones.  (These "broadcast alerts" via text will be available shortly.)

5.       Next on the list, click “Subscriptions” to choose the areas of the website to which you would like to subscribe and receive e-alerts by email when those areas are updated.

6.       Then click the “Manage Subscriptions” box to also subscribe to individual home pages and calendars.

7.       And, click on the adjacent “Other Areas of Interest” box to subscribe to internal pages.  You can select by district or school and their channels to get to all the pages on the site, including teacher pages.

8.       Click “I’m Done” when completed.

9.       Back to the list, click “School Associations” to filter your view on the mobile app, such as only the schools your children attend or the district level. Be sure to download the mobile app for free at the Apple Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android.

10.   On the list, you can also click on “Change Password” or “Delete Account,” but “Pass Key Accounts” are not available at this time.