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PBS' MetroFocus Spotlights Baldwin UFSD's Academic Academies Program Open to All Students

"The Baldwin School District: Teaching Real-Life Curriculum"

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"For years educators across the country have struggled to figure out what it means to be a 21st century student but one school district on Long Island thinks it has figured it out. And now they’re on a mission to show that transforming education into something modern is not just possible, but imperative. Beginning in eighth grade and continuing through high school, students can choose to immerse themselves in specific areas of study, receiving hands-on and real-world experience in everything from business to healthcare and government. And their program is successful. Since 2014, Baldwin has reported a significant rise in graduation rates and college acceptances. And just last year, for the first time, Baldwin High School was ranked among the top high schools in the nation by US News & World Report. So tonight, as part of our Chasing The Dream initiative, we’re spotlighting the Baldwin school district’s unique approach to learning with Superintendent Dr. Shari Camhi."

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